About Us

About Us

We started providing services in 1990 at UC Berkeley where the owner Gianni Schell attended college. There was a need for insured professional bartending services for university sponsored and Greek system events. We eventually became the preferred event services company for the UC Berkeley Campus doing numerous student group, alumni, administration, Greek system and graduation events.

We began to evolve as a company ad university groups sought our help in assisting them with planning events for thousands of people. We eventually catered, coordinated the planning of their events, provided all their staffing and party rental needs and  referred, disk jockeys and musicians, etc

As our reputation grew in the Berkeley Community and word of mouth spread to the east bay and San Francisco we began to diversify ourselves and undertook events beyond the scope of the UC Berkeley Campus. We began to do corporate events in San Francisco and associated ourselves with several caterers in the east bay who began to refer us a lot of wedding business. As they years went on and at the request of some of our clients we began servicing Los Angeles, Sacramento and the Central Valley.

We took pride in being able to provide any event related service that our clients asked for. We basically never said no to any reasonable request. From food servers, bartenders, catering, party/event staff,  party rentals, bartenders, door men, wedding/event coordinators, you name it we did it. If we could not do it ourselves we out sourced it to one of the many vendors that we worked with over the years.

Over the last ten+ years we have literally done thousands of events throughout California. We have seen and done it all from groups of 20 people for a back yard BBQ to 1000 people at a company Holiday Party in Silicon Valley, to 200 people at some of the most beautiful formal weddings.

As the owner of this company I take a hands on approach. To this day I  run many of the events myself. If I am not working one personally because we have multiple events in a day, you will often see me floating around to all of the events.

I take great pride in this company that basically started from a fraternity room at Berkeley and has grown to what it is today. We have made many great friends over the years and it has been a pleasure to be involved in some of the special moments in your lives. We look forward to being a part of many more. Your Cocktail Lounge Livermore CA and your Livermore Tavern.